Physical Therapy

We debated on even calling it physical therapy because the Athletity way is so different than traditional methods. The science behind what we do is founded in physical therapy principles…what your sessions are like is far from the “old way."

Team Up 1 to 1 to get answers to WHY you aren’t 100% and what can be done together to get you feeling great again.

Wellness Strategy Sessions

Use these if:

  1. You have a goal-but want to make sure you are taking measures to safely prepare and to improve your body so you can enjoy every day.


  2. You want to exercise but need help working around a “bad” ____ without flaring it up.

Sessions are offered via video chat or in-person.

Start Line Fitness

8 week Online DIY Program to go from inactive to in-shape

Best for those starting up again after life got in the way of fitness OR to bridge the gap between “traditional” physical therapy and holding your own in fitness classes.

M.E. Mission

Strengthen Your Body Postpartum