Restore Movement

What is holding you back? Have you been dealing with a limitation for a while now? Resting. Modifying. Home remedies. Asking others for advice. Meanwhile...what have you missed out on doing? As each day passes, more time is lost. 

Time that can be spent living. Doing what you love. Feeling renewed. A sense of freedom. Accomplishment. Of being yourself. Your best self. You're taking action by looking for help. Asking for help can be difficult, but each small step you take toward solving this. Gets you your life back.

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Experience what it feels like to be listened to. To share your frustrations, fears and goals concerning your issue. You have a story. Let it be heard.

Evaluations are in-depth with a full explanation of the source of your limitation (diagnosis) upon completion. You are a teammate in this process and it's important we follow a game plan, together.

Be empowered. Not a "patient."

All care is one-on-one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy and you will never spend time during an appointment doing something you can do on your own at home. Your time is valuable.

Our Methods

A full dedication of time means being able to continuously challenge you to reach your highest performance level. We use more than a 2lb dumbbell in our rehab and will take you from feeling limited to feeling limitless.

Phase I involves and integrated approach of hands-on manual therapy and exercise to reduce pain and restore movement. Exercises can be for strengthening, balance or to "retrain" the brain to muscle connection to move in a better way.

Athletity believes in an active approach to rehabilitation, it's a team effort.

Athletity will take you from where you are today and guide you to where you want to be.

Phase II focuses on getting you to your ultimate goals. Giving you the framework and keys to live the active life you want. This additional step, it's the difference maker.

Every step of the way, from returning to running or simply being active again, we are there with a game plan based on science and experience. There is no guessing "how" to return to what you love.

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We help with aches, over-training issues and post-operative rehab to include:

Back Pain

Knee Pain

Foot and Ankle Issues

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Aches from Running