Be 100%


If you’re feeling less than yourself, it makes being a mom even harder.

Maybe you’re avoiding playing with the kids because your body simply hurts or if you’ve said “I can’t because…” lately.

Or you feel nervous that your knee or foot isn’t going to hold you steady, making mom life of carrying little ones, laundry and everything else difficult.

Or you’ve been unsure how to get back into the fitness game without causing an injury. You simply want to do it the right way.

Ready to wake up excited to take on the day?

The family MVP, back in action and full of energy. Let’s get you the game plan that leaves you radiating confidence.


We help moms move

dreams into attainable goals.

  • Running new races

  • Hiking the Grand Canyon

  • Camping with family

  • Nightly family walks

  • Climbing to Base Camp of Mount Everest

  • Running postpartum

  • Becoming a fitness instructor

  • Being the soccer coach

Our Method

Athletity uses the

4 Pillar Method: movement, mobility, mindset and strength.

We coach you to the goals you set for yourself while allowing your body to adapt along the way with proven methods based on research and experience.

You can relax and follow the proven steps specific to your body and goals.

Strong Mom Stories:

Back to normal life without back pain:

For 3 weeks I had pain, Inflammation & swelling in my piriformis muscle. It was pinching my sciatic nerve causing me severe pain, difficulty standing up straight, moving, twisting, turning & walking issues.

With the professional services of DR. Shari, & her exercise regiments, I was able to get back to my normal life, movibility, & feeling much better in no time.

I would recommend her to anybody for helping them, who has the same needs. I am so grateful for her services! She is too kind, sweet & a warm young lady.
— Melissa

Strong core after babies:

I visited Dr. Shari for help strengthening my core after having kids. She did a complete assessment to see where I currently was at strength wise. She then discussed a treatment plan in depth with me, made just for me. She went over all the exercises that would help to strengthen my core... I left feeling so confident in the plan she gave me. I now have all the exercises through an easy app I can use at home. She is so wonderful at listening, explaining and she is there to help every step of the way! I would highly recommend Dr. Shari!
— Lisa

Mom of 2 little ones able to do nightly family walks, train for 10k and her first half marathon:

Dr. Shari helped me so much when I felt stuck and like I was never going to be able to run again!

I had pain in my left leg around my ankle area that when I got past 2 miles running would literally make it hard to walk afterwards. I was so confused because I did not have a stress fracture after being examined. I was told I had tendonitis, but I did not know how to manage that and running.

I was waking at night to feed my newborn daughter and just putting pressure on my foot was painful at the time.

I was so concerned my running days were behind me.

I was searching for help and found Dr. Shari. She confirmed I had peroneal tendonitis. She came up with a plan to strengthen my leg. I followed her advice and took my running to walking and strength exercises only.
We worked towards my goals of getting back to running after 4 sessions.

She got me there and I was pain free which I never thought possible! I am now running 3 times a week pain free and working on bigger goals of longer distances by late fall.

I feel well and have not had the symptoms return! Being a very busy mom of 2 the PT work I had to do at home was very manageable and helped me reach my goals!!!
— Aldina

She climbed to Base Camp of Mount Everest:

Shari is a wealth of knowledge! I asked for her help when I was training for a trek to Everest Base Camp.

I was having some issues with mobility in my ankles and cramping in my calves as a result.

She went above & beyond to not only help me with my ankles/calves but also to increase my VO2 Max and how to be as prepared as I could be for the trip!

Do not hesitate to hire this woman - she’s a genius, and has a heart of gold.
— Kaye
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We help moms in any stage of life

Pregnancy / Postpartum / Getting Active Again / Runners / Grandma Duties