Knee Pain

Can Physical Therapy Help My Knee Pain?

There are many causes for knee pain. We could discuss and delve into the dozens of medical diagnoses.

But, really you are looking to find a solution to knee pain, right? You're not alone.

Knee aches and pains are felt by nearly 25% of adults.

Who does physical therapy help?

Physical therapy helps those with knee pain walking up and down stairs. The dad who wants to play ball with his kids. The mom who wants to go for a Saturday morning run with friends. The Grandma who wants to be able to enjoy the zoo with her grandchildren.

You do not have to have a specific injury or surgery for Athletity to help you. We help anyone with an ache, pain or physical limitation that is determined to be the best version of themselves.

Don't be held back. You are capable of so much. Your body is powerful. It doesn't lose the capacity for athletic ability.

You may simply need guidance to get where you are going. No harm in asking for help. 

Life is meant to be lived. Live without limits.

How Can Physical Therapy Help My Knee Pain?

You need specific, defined and prescribed movement and exercises. These are determined with a thorough evaluation of your knee combined with an evaluation of your activity load. The amount and types of activity you do can impact the muscles, tendons and bones of the knee region. 

Why Athletity?

At many other places your knee is assessed without taking into account your activity load and your personal goals. Rather than a brief, generalized approach to get some results Athletity focuses on the details. A detailed approach gets maximum results in a time efficient manner. 

Athletity was founded on the principle of empowering you with a game plan to live to the fullest. We don't settle for merely "good enough", I push to reach your goals. Not the basic goals insurance wants to limit you to.

Our pioneer model makes you a valuable teammate in the process. You know your body. I know the science, research and techniques to get you to your goals. Add a Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist in Physical Therapy to your team.


Choose to live without limits

Hear what clients who have teamed up with Athletity have to say:

Dr. Shari is a godsend! I struggled with IT band issues which worsened over time to the point where entire right leg hurt and my mileage just kept dropping. After one visit Dr. Shari was able to pinpoint the true cause of my issues and made recommendations that had my pain levels dropping immediately. After seeing her two more times I’m feeling good after my runs, my pain continues to diminish, and I finally have hope of running a second marathon this year. I appreciate that she understands that no matter my age, I want to stay active. I highly recommend Dr. Shari!
— -W.H.
I cannot recommend Athletity enough! Shari is wonderful! Every single time I’ve met with her, she has taken the time to thoroughly explain and teach me about my injury/recovery. She genuinely listens and cares about my future as a runner. She has emailed and texted just to see how I was feeling.
— -E.M.

We only select 3 individuals for new evaluations each week

to ensure the highest level of outcomes for our clients.

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Specialist Care

With Athletity, you are seen by a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a Board Certification in Orthopedics. Dr. Shari, PT has spent the majority of her career in a setting where physical therapists are the first line of care for all muscle, joint and tendon issues.

You do not need to have a referral or see a physician prior to working with Athletity. With a background in being a first line provider including ordering imaging, Athletity is able to evaluate and treat or in a few cases, evaluate and refer to another provider should it be necessary.