Help Your Knee

You can help heal your own knee.

You don’t need to be a surgeon. A magician or anything other than yourself.

You are enough.

You do however need to know the following:

  1. What is the true source of your knee pain?

  2. Why did it start? Is it from a movement pattern? Compensation over time?

  3. What is causing my knee to hurt when I try to go back to normal activity?

Having a comprehensive movement assessment of how you move, your strengths, weaknesses, balance and more will give you those answers.

physical therapist in dublin helping mom with knee pain

Athletity has knee programs for runners, moms, fitness junkies and more.

We commonly treat: iliotibial band syndrome (IT Band), runners knee, patellofemoral pain syndrome, patellar tendonitis, post-surgical menisectomy, knee weakness, knee joint pain, knee osteoarthritis.

For most of you this simply means we help when you have: pain going down stairs, knee pain going up stairs, knee pain with prolonged standing, knee pain while running, knee pain when squatting, knee pain when carrying heavy groceries or a little one, popping in your knee, catching and locking in your knee, difficulty kneeling and knee stiffness.

Success Stories

Dr. Shari is a godsend! I struggled with IT band issues which worsened over time to the point where entire right leg hurt and my mileage just kept dropping. After one visit Dr. Shari was able to pinpoint the true cause of my issues and made recommendations that had my pain levels dropping immediately. After seeing her two more times I’m feeling good after my runs, my pain continues to diminish, and I finally have hope of running a second marathon this year. I appreciate that she understands that no matter my age, I want to stay active. I highly recommend Dr. Shari!
— WH
Shari has been so wonderful in helping me identify the reasons for my knee pain with running! She explains everything that she is doing and how it applies to helping my knees heal which is very important to me! She uses technology to encourage at home training as well as in person training so that I can get back to running in a shorter amount of time! I am so glad she reached out to me to see if she could help me! Thanks Shari!
— TB

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