Your feet carry you everywhere.

They have carried a baby along too.

They move you forward. Day after day.

Your feet are resilient.

Nothing has stopped them yet. Nothing will.

Most foot and ankle pain start as a small annoyance and gradually progress up to the point that you simply can’t ignore it any more.

That’s the stage that most moms reach out to us.

Just like our client Aldina:

“Dr. Shari helped me so much when I felt stuck and like I was never going to be able to run again!

I had pain in my left leg around my ankle area that when I got past 2 miles running would literally make it hard to walk afterwards. I was so confused because I did not have a stress fracture after being examined. I was told I had tendonitis, but I did not know how to manage that and running.

I was waking at night to feed my newborn daughter and just putting pressure on my foot was painful at the time.

I was so concerned my running days were behind me.

I was searching for help and found Dr. Shari. She confirmed I had peroneal tendonitis. She came up with a plan to strengthen my leg. I followed her advice and took my running to walking and strength exercises only. We worked towards my goals of getting back to running after 4 sessions.

She got me there and I was pain free which I never thought possible! I am now running 3 times a week pain free and working on bigger goals of longer distances by late fall.

I feel well and have not had the symptoms return! Being a very busy mom of 2 the PT work I had to do at home was very manageable and helped me reach my goals!!!”

We treat:

plantar fascitis, peroneal tendonitis, anterior tibialis tendonitis, posterior tibialis tendonitis, achilles tendonitis/tendonosis, achilles pain, heel pain, calf tightness, ankle sprains, metatarsalgia, tibia and fibula fractures.

For most of you that simply means:

heel pain, pain on the bottom of foot, stiffness after a walking boot, returning to running after stress fractures, pain with first steps out of bed, ankle pain or feeling unsteady on uneven ground.