We often ignore it

We don't seek out help until something stops us from doing what we love.

I read this post from a group I'm in this week. it's so true. I know I am that way.

I had an annoying backache this summer. I knew why. I was lifting my baby in and out of the crib and often arching my back while holding him. I ignored it. There was too much else to do.

Between work, raising 3 boys, tending to my garden and fitting in runs. I was busy. Just like everyone else.

Then one morning I woke up and could barely roll to get out of bed I couldn't bend over to lay my baby in his crib. Uh oh.

And Murphy's law...my husband had just left on a work trip.

Thankfully, I am a PT. I knew what to do and what to avoid doing to not make it worse. I recovered in a matter of days.

I recorded a series of videos with tips on what was working to solve it.

I'm sure I'm not the only parent with backaches.

Ok, I know I'm not.

I'll send these videos on to you if you need them. Simply email DrShari@athletity.com and tell me.

Not an issue for you but you know someone? Share this link.

I am happy to help. It was rough. I want to save anyone I can from suffering needlessly.

Hears to good health!

Dr. Shari, PT