Maybe I wasn't good enough this year...

"Maybe I wasn't good enough this year..."

The words stopped me in my tracks. It’s something we all say to ourselves about an aspect of life. That little voice that questions if we could have done more.

Except, this was coming from a little voice. The voice of my little boy.

He’s a deep thinker.

He was thinking about why he may not have had as many Christmas presents as he remembered in years past. The simple conversation we could have had would have been how he used to open gifts all at once from grandparents, friends, and family as we lived far away from everyone.

But that wasn’t the important conversation.

In these times of self-doubt, floating along in a pool of perfectionism it’s important to recognize…you are good enough. You grew this year. Mentally. Physically. Spiritually.

You faced challenges you never knew were going to come your way. You overcame. Some days it may have been something simple like not getting upset over spilling your drink. Other days it may have been pushing yourself further than you thought you could go.

I personally love watching my son. Not just because he’s mine. He is filled with an inner drive that is truly special. He loves riding his bike.  I don’t mean just up and down the sidewalk either. At the age of 4, he used to go on 5 and 6 mile bike rides with my husband (no training wheels for this guy).

Watching him inspire others around him to learn to ride, to get out and have fun inspires me.

So, if you’ve been sitting and wondering if “maybe I wasn’t good enough this year,” I want to tell you…

*You are enough.

You did enough. You gave it your all. You conquered the small things in life and by that won the big things. Your family loves you for every bit of sacrifice you made. Every bite of food you provided, every hug, every “you’ve got this” word of encouragement when they needed picked back up.

*You are appreciated.

*You inspire others.

You may not realize the difference you have in others lives. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle, lost in the busy-ness and daily grind. Sharing your journey in life motivates others to keep going. Reminds us all that not every moment of every day is gold. It’s life. It’s real.

*Give yourself grace.

This is the hardest. The one we all struggle with often. You deserve some grace. Be kind to yourself.

Yes, goals are great. Yes, I’ve been chatting about reflections and goals along with everyone the last few weeks. It’s the time of year we settle in and set new plans in place. But as you do this, be real. Be honest. Give yourself grace and quiet that voice of self-doubt.

You’ve got this.

You’re going to grow so much again next year.

Pick your focus and some steps to move toward it.

Recognize your achievements. Celebrate yourself.


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Dr. Shari, PT, DPT, OCS