Is it SI Joint pain?

Sometimes our lower back starts to hurt and it can be difficult to tell what the source is. If you have found yourself here you may:

  1. have experienced SI joint pain before

  2. be curious what the symptoms of SI joint pain are

  3. be searching for answers as to why your lower back continues to hurt

Good news is, you found a place of answers. While we can go into all the details and anatomy of the sacroiliac joint, that might put you to sleep.

Here I recorded a video of some questions you can ask yourself to see if this might be your problem.

If you would rather read than watch, here is a transcript:

Hi, so you might be wondering “how do I know if I have SI joint pain?”

I’ve been hearing a lot about it but I am not so sure that my symptoms are SI joint pain. Well, here are a few things you can go over to rule out.

There are a few things to check if you have SI joint pain.

  1. Most SI joint pain will happen right around here, where your pants tend to sit on your lower back. If you move your thumbs right above your belt line you can feel 2 indentation areas on your lower back. This is called the PSIS (posterior sacroiliac spine) on your pelvis. This area is often tender to touch and an area of pain if someone has SI joint pain. Sometimes you can also have pain at the sacrum, think around the tailbone region.

    So your pelvis has the two iliums and the bone in the middle that connects them, that is called the sacrum.

  2. A lot of people wonder if their symptoms could be sciatica because they get symptoms down into the back of the leg. Yes, this is common with symptoms of sciatic nerve irritation or involvement, but it is not always sciatica like many think. If the symptoms only go part way down the leg and stay above the knee, it can often be from sacroiliac joint dysfunction (SI joint).

    With SI joint symptoms you do not get that burning, numbness, tingling sensation down into the lower leg, foot or the toes. If you are getting symptoms that go into the hip, buttocks, thigh and stay higher up then there is a possibility you are dealing with SI joint dysfunction.

This list of things to check is not a definitive answer that SI joint is the source of your pain but it may guide you a little bit in understanding why you hurt. Sometimes when we get tired of hurting we are looking for reasons why but also just wanting to get back to our normal life without little things like rolling over in bed, sitting in the car or getting off the couch from bothering your back so much.

We get it.

Reach out if you need and get yourself a complete answer. This is just a start.

The biggest take away is if pain and symptoms are lingering more than 10 days, you should get yourself checked by a licensed Physical Therapist in your state. In Ohio, then great, reach out and let’s connect and get you back to 100%.

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