A few of my favorite things...Runner's edition

Do you run...or love someone who does?

Looking for the best gift ideas that will show how much you listen, care and want to support your runner?

Here are a few of my favorite things and the items runners love to chat about among one another:

1. Be SEEN. The time we see the sun has been dwindling which means more runs in the dark. Noxgear is the most popular option here in Columbus amongst early morning and evening runners. You may feel like you're "lit up like a Christmas tree" but there will be no missing seeing you while you're out. Most prefer the "backpack" style option that fits over both shoulders. Check it out here.

2. Running gear. New running clothes can make it exciting to step out the door and get miles in.

       Skirts: Skirt Sports, Sparkle Skirts

       Leggings: MPG brand, Athleta- Relay or Be Free, Under Armour, Adidas Response,      Lululemon brushed tights

       Socks: Balegas (try the Smart Wool for winter months), Feetures, Injinji, PRO compression

3. The Start Line- Strength training workouts. Fitting in time for strength training is key to running without injury. A quick on-the-go, access anywhere or at home option is best. Check out what Chrissy has to say about it. Then, get more info here.

4. Running Journal- all runners like to track mileage. Sure, we use an app but it's really fun and rewarding to write it down, have some motivational quotes and inspiration to turn to after a bad run day. My favorite is the Believe journal

5. Run Health Physical- ever wonder what can be done to be a BETTER runner? To shave off a little time, reduce the likelihood of injury or simply run with better form? A Run Health Physical gives the runner a full breakdown of strength, flexibility and run form. Discover where your strengths are and how to be the best you possible. Email DrShari@Athletity.com for details.

6. Pay for a Race Entry- most runners enjoy the feeling of accomplishment after a race. Gift a race by looking up a local race or let them know you've got one covered that they've been eyeing. You can find local races here.

Any of the ideas above would make a runner ecstatic to know you get them. You know what makes them happy. What lights them up with passion.

And yes, I admit two products above are from me. But they were created so runners can be limitless, seek big scary goals and not have to worry about the "what ifs" during training. The more prepared in the off-season a runner gets, the more fun races in perfect weather are.

Happy Shopping!

Be sure to share this guide with those who might need it. Saving time while shopping is always a bonus.



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