Grab Your Kiddos for an Easter Inspired Workout

Have your kids join you for an Easter inspired workout.

If your house is like mine, your little ones are focused on all things Easter at the moment. My oldest knows all about the real reason we celebrate, but he is thrilled with the fun side of it too. He has been talking about the Easter bunny and his most favorite, Easter Egg Hunts.

So how can you do the fun holiday stuff and incorporate a workout?

Here are a few ideas…

1.       Easter Egg Sprint

You can place eggs filled with treats in two areas and do a sprint to each set. You can gather one egg each trip to place in your basket (or bag if you’re running REALLY hard). Doing a few sets of sprints will help with all the candy we know we’ll give in to eating.

2.       Bunny Hops

Hop around the house like a bunny while listening to a song. You might be surprised how your legs will feel after 2 to 3 minutes. If you have really little ones, teach them Peter Cottontail and sing that as you hop.

3.       Bunny chase

Pretend you are the Easter Bunny with eggs, have your kids chase you to try and catch the bunny to get an egg. Think Shark and Minnows game with a twist.

Or, if your kids are older, go on a short run and have the one person be the bunny you have to chase and see if you can keep pace

4.       Big hops

Place eggs just out of reach along a ledge, fireplace mantel, deck railing, you get the idea. In order to collect each egg you have to jump high to grab it. For yourself, you might have to be a little creative to find something the right height. Another variation is to do a squat and then jump, you won’t need as high of a ledge for yourself this way.

Most of all, enjoy some family time. Enjoy the weather if it’s nice enough to be out and continue showing your kids how enjoyable living an active lifestyle is. It doesn’t have to be all gym workouts or structured, go and play. Feel like a kid again and relax this weekend.

Shari Miller