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Is it SI Joint pain?

Sometimes our lower back starts to hurt and it can be difficult to tell what the source is. If you have found yourself here you may:

  1. have experienced SI joint pain before

  2. be curious what the symptoms of SI joint pain are

  3. be searching for answers as to why your lower back continues to hurt

Good news is, you found a place of answers. While we can go into all the details and anatomy of the sacroiliac joint, that might put you to sleep.

Here I recorded a video of some questions you can ask yourself to see if this might be your problem.

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We often ignore it

We don't seek out help until something stops us from doing what we love.

I read this post from a group I'm in this week. it's so true. I know I am that way.

I had an annoying backache this summer. I knew why. I was lifting my baby in and out of the crib and often arching my back while holding him. I ignored it. There was too much else to do.

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