Athletity's Backstory

Have you wondered why I am choosing not to follow a normal path? Why I’m not just working part time hours at a clinic? What is the purpose of Athletity?

You’re not alone in your curiosity. I’ll shine a light on the backstory of Athletity and the journey leading to its creation. I did not always know I was going to start this company, small nudges and experiences have led to me knowing it is what I am meant to do.

The first impactful patient I met was on my first clinical rotation as a student. She was a runner, training for a half marathon and was being seen for either leg or foot pain. I don’t remember the specifics of her case, but she taught me a lesson. I said the dreadful phrase “well, you should just stop running for awhile.” That was the last time I carelessly uttered that phrase. I did not realize the weight of my words. Telling a runner, a runner in training to stop, is pulling away their chance to accomplish everything they have sacrificed hours upon hours training for. The mental battles they won mile after mile. Runs in cold rain. Runs in the hot humid sun. Months of their life. She left me with an understanding that runners are different. As a clinician, it was a challenge. Finding a way to balance training and exercise prescription load with tendon healing is not always easy. Meeting her led me on a path of learning as much as I could to balance the need to train with the ability to heal.

At the time, she influenced me, I was not a runner. I used to run for exercise and to manage weight but had not found a love for it. I found a love for running once I became a mother. It became a time of quiet peace. I treasure my runs and time to unwind. Many runners have been grateful for my approach to allow continued running during treatment. There are only a few instances where it is truly necessary for someone to stop running, stress reactions and stress fractures are the primary causes.

So, now you know why helping runners became a passion. What about the rest?

Well, fast-forward a little to when I worked in a busy clinic in Tennessee. I was a new graduate and ready to help as many people as I could. Our schedules were typically full, but there were patients still needing to schedule. We would double and sometimes triple book patients. On an average day, a patient would share my attention with 2 or 3 other people at the same time, on a rare occasion I would have 5 patients at once. I am a manual therapist, which means other than exercise, I treat using my hands. My heart sunk numerous times when I knew the person sitting before me was in pain. I had the skills to help them, but not the time. I did the best for each person in front of me, but it wasn’t fair. They were each an individual, not a number. Each had a story, a life, a busy schedule that this time was taking from and it wasn’t the best quality of care they could be getting.

Feeling frustrated and wanting to make a difference, I transitioned to a facility treating active-duty Soldiers. While there, I treated over a thousand Soldiers. Some had combat injuries, although most were sidelined with overuse injuries from constant running and lifting during training.

I perfected my skills treating active people who had busy schedules and jobs to do, just like you. I want to bring the best level of care and healing possible to every person because you DESERVE it.

You are more than a number. Working with Athletity, it’s a team approach. I have the knowledge of the science of exercise to get results, to help you heal and to show you how to avoid injury. Yes, that’s important, but you are the most important part of the team. Athletity provides guidance and education to allow you to make the best decision for yourself, for you to set your own goals based on your needs and wants. I provide a game plan, support and trouble shoot along the way. But, you’re the quarterback.

The level of care, the team approach, the option to work together throughout your entire journey of an active lifestyle is not possible in a traditional model. I decided to break away from the norm, to go to new unchartered waters. For you. You are worth it. You are truly capable of so much. Compete with yourself to be better in some way than you were yesterday and you will amaze yourself.

Athletity is here for you. I am here for you. Reach out and chat. Share with me where you are on your journey of an active lifestyle. You don’t have to be someone who trains or works out 5 days a week. We lead busy lives, that training schedule is not realistic for most.

The purpose of Athletity is to keep your body healthy and able to do all the things you want to without holding you back. Don’t worry about if you’re not local to me, there are ways to team up online as well. I look forward to learning your story…