The #1 Misconception With Back Pain

You wake up. Your back hurts. What goes through everyone's mind?

1. "Oh no, I hope this goes away soon."

2. "I should rest."

But, does rest solve back pain?

In a few cases, yes. And we are talking relative rest. I will discuss that in next week's post.

The question you should ask is "why did I get back pain?" If you don't determine the cause and the source you are setting yourself up for future back episodes.

Especially if you are a lifter, solving the reason why your back was tweaked or is hurting is key. Being able to progress with your lifts without being "stuck" or "held back" is important.

Many people take guesses as to why back pain starts. It's common. You could have weakness in muscles supporting your trunk. You could have a movement pattern that is off. This changes by coaching your muscles and brain to "talk" to each other in the right ways.

For personalized answers to the cause and source of pain you need to be fully assessed by a physical therapist. Eliminating activity fully will not keep your back pain away.

You want to LIVE life. You deserve to live life without hesitation from your body. Lead the active life you want. Be the best version of you. Don't settle. If you want to be better, it's a team effort. Join my team. Let's do it together.

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