Doc said rest, what does that mean?

You heard the words. The ones you were dreading.

Now your first thought is..."Can I still do __(insert exciting planned activity)___ that is coming up?

We're all the same. It's our 1st reaction, well, 2nd reaction besides the "darn-it."

Simply because you are told to rest doesn't mean bed rest. You don't have to feel like you push the pause button on life. I encourage you to still be active in certain ways.

Here's what you can do:

1. Do all of your normal self-care activities. Live. Do everything within your house you would normally do. Cook. Shower. Clean up. Laundry.

Make modifications as needed.

2. Work as you are able. The severity of back pain coupled with your type of job impacts this. It's important to know, research shows those who miss work end up having longer recovery times. Unless the doctor is holding you back, do your best to be there.

3. You can exercise. Yes. Really. What type of exercise is best can depend on your symptoms. A skilled physical therapist can give you personalized recommendations but walking, biking, and swimming are often good places to start.

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