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What Causes Mid-Back Pain?

How To Vacuum With Less Back Pain

Our house chores never end, even if our back hurts. Find out modifications you can use to still be able to have a clean house and feel sane while avoiding a flare up of back pain.

3 Ways To Avoid Injections For Heel Pain

Often injections are offered as a first line of treatment for heel pain. Cortisone injections are a type of corticosteroid. It is proven the medication injected causes degeneration (breaking down) of tendons and connective tissue over time. So just because it may give quick pain relief, know your options and what else you can do for long-term prevention of your tendons.

Best Plank Variation To Strengthen Hips

Running and Low Back Pain

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2 Best 30sec Hip Stretches: Watch here

Single Leg Exercise Best For Moms, Runners or if you have Knee Pain: Watch Here

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Ep 45: A Random Ache - Ever wake up with a random ache and you’re not sure what to do? Where it came from? Should you be concerned?

Listen here.

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