5 Self Checks for Deficiencies in Your Body

Deficiencies? We commonly hear this applied to areas of our health like nutrition.

Did you know you can be deficient in movement? By not moving enough or adapting how you move over time might lead to strength or flexibility deficits.

How Do You Shake Out In All Of It?

Let’s dive into a short list of what to check and why.

Even those who exercise regularly and hit the goal of 150 minutes a week of being active as The Department of Health and Human Services recommends may be missing some key areas.

Not all of us have time to get fully assessed every 6 months. So I’m here to help you out. Give you a jump start.

Once you know what areas are weak or stiff you may still need help. You might consider having your results interpreted. Even if you know what to work on, is there a best bang for your buck exercise? Are there patterns to be addressed to keep you moving and feeling great? Often areas are linked, we call it the kinetic chain. Think of the song “the leg bone is connected to the hip bone…” you get my drift.

So check out your neck first. Look up at the sky. All the way. Have tightness?

Now, squeeze your shoulder blades together, can you hold it 20 seconds? (Not a quick 20, but a real 20 seconds). Those are your rhomboid muscles and middle trapezius muscles.They keep your arm in alignment to reduce the likelihood of shoulder impingement.

Now, check your hips and low back. Is your low back arched where you are leaning back? Are your abs stretched out and shortening your hip flexors? Try lifting your rib cage and round your hips (meaning pelvis). This makes your muscles work so you are not allowing yourself to “hang” on your ligaments and let the muscles relax.

Our bodies are naturally lazy. They want to keep homeostatis (you know everything staying nice and steady). If your ligaments are holding you up then you are not even using your muscles for the small daily necessary tasks. You want your muscles working so you can stay strong late into life and bonus points…muscles contracting burn more calories.

Last thing to check, do you stand with your knees all the way locked out? As in straightened all the way? This is a common way of not making your quadriceps work. Instead we hyperextend our knee joint and make the ligaments do all of the work. You may find aching in your joints after standing when you do this.

These are your top 5 checks.

How did you do?

There are easy stretches and ways to be more mindful of your movement that will help you feel better everyday.

It’s the little things you can change. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym or totally transform your life to start moving better and feeling better.

Bonus? Improving these small things may make you feel more energized.

I know we all need more energy. (More coffee please?)

To make the most of this and to hold yourself accountable, I challenge you to share this article with a score of how many self checks you passed and what you plan to work on.

More bonus points….tag Athletity. We would LOVE to follow your progress.

We are hear to cheer you on my friend.