Are you tired of your back hurting?

You thought it would be better by now, right? Have you been guessing why you have back pain? Do you think maybe you "slept wrong?"

Sometimes, it doesn't go away as quickly as we think it should. It lingers. Like an annoying cold you just can't kick.

You're not alone. I hear this all the time. It typically appears after waking up, tweaking a muscle when lifting, or after carrying your little one around for a bit.

Backaches are one of the most common reasons clients come to Athletity.

Everyone wants to know: "Why is this happening to me?" and "How long will this last?"

The natural response is to want to wait and see if it goes away.

Has it been more than 9 days? Research shows if rest is going to be the answer with back pain it will happen within the first 9 days.

There is also research showing back pain can be resolved the FASTEST when seen by a Physical Therapist within 16 days.

Have you been waiting it out?

Each day you wake up, hoping that it miraculously is better. But, you often find it's still there. You kids know it too. You're not able to play and spend time the same with them. You're trying. There's no doubt in that. But it hurts.

Sound familiar?

Or, another common thing I hear is you went to the doctor and were told "rest", given some pain killers to "try" and told to "wait it out." It happens so often to everyone that you were hesitant to even take time to see the doctor. Quietly you were hoping you would get a different response. Or, you figured that's what you would hear since everyone you asked said not to bother so you haven't seen your doc.

The rest, pain meds and let's see you back in 6 weeks is standard. It doesn't work though. It simply wastes your time. Which frustrates me. You could be better by now. Doing everything you want without modifying anymore.

Have you experienced any of this?

Back pain is confusing. You are told 100 different things by everyone you talk to. There is more information on google and youtube than most medical libraries it seems. How are you supposed to figure it out? You're busy. The amount of information is overwhelming. You get tired of guessing all the time if you can do something or not without paying for it later with more aching.

The way you slept, the way you lifted your little one or the weight at the gym isn't the number one cause. Likely you have an underlying muscle weakness, a movement pattern that is a little off or years of bad habits that happened to effect you that day.


Do you feel like you have tried everything? I understand the frustration. I want you to look at it as you are that many steps closer to finding what will work. You know what doesn't so you can move on to finding the solution for you.

I want to hear your story.

Apply below so we can chat more about your situation. You can learn what options are still out there for you and in what ways I can coach you through this.

You can get back to "normal." You can push yourself at the gym or on runs. You can play and be active with the most important people in your life. You may simply need the game plan set for you. Every single person is different. Get a tailored plan specific to you. That works.

What to do for back pain? There's so much noise out there, find what the worst thing you can do is. Make sure you're not doing this!

Save yourself time

You spend time thinking about your back. Time browsing online what you can do. Talking about it with friends and family. You may take time to try out a few exercises or a massage.

Are you still battling with temporary fixes? If you could move on from this in a matter of weeks and get back to life, what would you spend all that time doing?

You're worth it

You deserve to take care of yourself. To be your best. You are  capable of so much. Believe. Trust.

Take Action

Choose a game plan. Where does that start for you? Do you need a few tips (see above)?

Or, do you want your questions answered? A game plan in hand? Start the process by clicking below.