Are you tired of your back hurting?

You’re not alone.

Did you know estimates show over 80% of people will experience back pain in their lifetime?

What does that mean?

It does not mean backs or spines are weak.

In fact, your back is very strong. It is incredible what the body is able to heal.

Over the last decade, I have helped people overcome back pain when they felt they had tried everything else. From massage, chiropractic, all the gadgets and gizmos sold and more. But nothing helps the same as movement.

Often we start to change the way we move when we hurt. We adapt and manage to simply get through our day and do what needs done. These adaptations we create often keep us on the hamster wheel of feeling a little better and then being back to hurting.

Athletity helps you identify the cause of your aches and pains. We test your strength, flexibility and joints. We assess and analyze how you move, walk and if you’re a runner, how you run. All of this data gives us answers that are specific to you.

We work together to create the game plan that will get you results.

You have likely been searching for something that works. Something that works for back pain. Your back pain.

The truth is, there is no generic answer. No recipe in a book. You need something customized to you and what your life demands.

Moms of infants have different demands of their body than than a mom of a toddler or a mom needing to sit on bleachers to cheer on a teenager playing sports.

Stand Up Mama

For yourself that is.

You are the MVP of your family. You know they need you. They need you at 100%. Your family loves you and wants you to take time to fix yourself.

To be honest, moms who see us tell us they just let pain become their “normal” for so long that they forget how great it is to wake up, be active and truly have fun when their body feels good.

Imagine what it would feel like to wake up feeling refreshed, get a workout in where your shirt barely has a dry spot from sweat. Feel like you can tackle the world, climb a mountain and more because finally your mind is cleared and you feel “reset” and ready. With each day living at 100% you become stronger and show your family what it means to be dedicated to your health long-term.

It’s as easy as clicking the button below. We will coach you along. Need details? Let’s talk.

Success Stories

For 3 weeks I had pain, inflammation & swelling in my piriformis muscle. It was pinching my sciatica nerve causing me severe pain, difficulty standing up straight, moving, twisting, turning & walking issues. With the professional services of DR. Shari, & her exercise regiments, I was able to get back to my normal life, movibility, & feeling much better in no time. I would recommend her to anybody for helping them, who has the same needs. I am so grateful for her services! She is too kind, sweet & a warm young lady.
— MM
Dr. Shari was able to test me via skype. She gave me some exercises to to to help with my issues - they worked great. I recommend her for anyone that might have some physical issues that need attention. I like the fact that she will not have to worry about filling out insurance forms. It feels great to be able to be active once again.
— JS
back treatment by physical therapist

Find YOUR Game Plan

to eliminate your piriformis syndrome, sciatica, low back pain, pain from bulging discs, lumbar stenosis, back ache, back spasms, back pain during pregnancy or back pain after baby.


Do you feel like you have tried everything?

I understand the frustration. I want you to look at it as you are that many steps closer to finding what will work. You know what doesn't so you can move on to finding the solution for you.

I want to hear your story.

You can get back to "normal." You can push yourself at the gym or on runs. You can play and be active with the most important people in your life. You may simply need the game plan set for you. Every single person is different. Get a tailored plan specific to you. That works.

Save yourself time

You spend time thinking about your back. Time browsing online what you can do. Talking about it with friends and family. You may take time to try out a few exercises or a massage.

What to do for back pain? There's so much noise out there, find what the worst thing you can do is. Make sure you're not doing this!

Are you still battling with temporary fixes? If you could move on from this in a matter of weeks and get back to life, what would you spend all that time doing?

You're worth it

You deserve to take care of yourself. To be your best. You are  capable of so much. Believe. Trust.

Take Action

Choose a game plan. Where does that start for you? Do you need a few tips (see above)?

Or, do you want your questions answered? A game plan in hand? Simply click below and we can talk details.