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Be the STRONG mom

Be the fun mom always playing in the yard.

Running a new race with a bestie.

Hiking part of Mount Everest.

You dream it, it’s yours.

Athletity helps moms move past orthopedic conditions so you can be 100%.


Be Inspired.

She decided her goal. She put in the work. She achieved.

Stories of Strong Moms:

Dr. Shari is a godsend! I struggled with IT band issues which worsened over time to the point where entire right leg hurt and my mileage just kept dropping. After one visit Dr. Shari was able to pinpoint the true cause of my issues and made recommendations that had my pain levels dropping immediately. After seeing her two more times I’m feeling good after my runs, my pain continues to diminish, and I finally have hope of running a second marathon this year. I appreciate that she understands that no matter my age, I want to stay active. I highly recommend Dr. Shari!
— Winnie
I love that Dr. Shari is there when I have questions about how far to push and what will help me the most. Being able to do a workout that I know is building my fitness whenever I want is priceless. I have big goals and Athletity is helping me reach them.
— Chrissy

The Mom Life

We take the stress out of making yourself better by accommodating your lifestyle.

physical therapist in dublin helping a mom with low back pain while child watches during session

Team Up to be Stronger Together

Motivation + Movement is found in every program and class.

Start where you are. Tap into your best. Feel on top of the world.

MEET Dr. Shari, PT →

Every session is with a Board Certified Specialist with a premium level of care.

Every session is with a Board Certified Specialist with a premium level of care.


Work Together


Be 100%

Our premiere movement clinic uses physical therapy to restore your body to feeling its best.

Get long lasting results and have the chance to chase your big goals.

the start line

Start Line Fitness

Sometimes you need a place to start besides just showing up to a fitness class.

Go from inactive to in-shape with our 8 week Online Program

20 minute workouts make fitness for busy moms realistic


M.E. Mission

Online core and pelvic floor strength program for postpartum moms with big dreams. Click the button to learn more.